Oleo Mac Sparta 441 S


Obstacles no problem, however big or small. Gardens, ditches…we have just the cut you want.

Designed for intensive, continuous work in tough conditions. The robust technology solutions adopted guarantee consistently high quality.

Flywheel designed to guarantee constant cooling control, even at high temperatures.


Power/Displacement 2.1 HP – 1.6 kW/40.2 cm3
Tube Diameter 28 mm
Grip Lupe Handle
Weight 7.4 kg
Clutch Yes

• Piston with 2 rings, chrome-plated cylinder, forged con rod and crankshaft: guaranteeing an extremely rugged and durable engine.

• High torque at all crankshaft speeds: effective cutting and unfailingly steady work rate, even on particularly dense vegetation.

• For a longer working life the machine is fitted with an magnesium clutch housing, resists heavy operating conditions, along with the lower support to protect against accidental damage.

• Digital coil with electronic control: ensures effortless starting and improves performance, always guaranteeing uniform combustion and low fuel consumption.

• Generously sized paper air filter: guarantees high filtration efficiency and easy maintenance .

• Filter support (Emak patent) with anti-backflow element, (prevents the filter from becoming fouled by fuel) for longer operation between filter maintenance procedures.

• Ø 28 mm aluminium drive tube, with 6 self-lubricating antivibration bearings, 8 mm internal rigid shaft and aluminium bevel gear pair with M 10 male drive pin, for unimpeded power transmission.

• Air purge primer visible on the carburetor ensures easier access and operation.

• “Easy on” device  composed of a double spring in the starter cover combined with driver with two ratchets means reduced force with each pull and fast starting with fewer rope pulls.

• Dual grip filler cap (side and top) and vertical filler neck designed for ease of refuelling.

• Innovative 130 mm Ø “LOAD & GO” with 3,0 mm line head: for straightforward line replacement – just 20 seconds to rewind the line and resume work.

• Built-in antivibration system: greatly reduced vibrations felt by the operator during use of the tool.

• Ergonomic handle: aluminium with moulded rubber grips. The operator always has a firm and comfortable grip on the machine.

• The on/off switch returns automatically to the “on” position after each stop (always on).

• Sound-proofed muffler with catalytic converter  designed to reduce pollution of non-combustible hydrocarbons and for silent operation.

• Generously proportioned paper filter element: ensures longer intervals between cleaning operations.

• Filter cover accessible with tools by means of specific knob: facilitates air filter inspection and cleaning.

• A new filtering grid has been equipped to keep off grass and dust from the engine ventilation area, together with a new modified cranck-case to better ensure an adequate system cooling while running the unit.