Oleo-Mac Sparta 25TR

These light and easy-to-handle machines are able to keep vibrations to an absolute minimum as they are fitted with self-lubricating bushings on the transmission shaft, whilst the engine and grip have been kept separate.
The forged-steel drive shaft and connecting rod guarantee dependable performances and long life.
Centrifugal clutch with shoes of sintered material ensuring resistance to stress and long-term durability.
Equipped with a primer that fills the carburettor with fuel mixture to ensure easy starting with a limited number of pulls.
Air filter accessible simply by pressing a release catch (no tools needed).

Power/Displacement 1.0 HP – 0.8 kW/25.4 cm³
Tube diameter 22 mm
Grip single
Clutch yes
Fuel tank capacity 0.75 L
Weight 4.5 Kg