Oleo Mac HC265 Hedge Trimmer


Professional Petrol Engine Hedgetrimmer 

  • Lightweight, powerful and robust.

  • High quality steel blades.

  • Low noise and minimal vibration.


Power/Displacement 1.0 HP – 0.75 kW/21.7 cm3
Type/Blade Double
Length/Blade 600 mm
Pitch/Blade 35 mm
Weight 5.6 kg

New professional hedgetrimmers designed to meet the needs of demanding home gardeners and professional users involved in the maintenance of large densely packed hedges.

The superb quality of the blade system makes for perfect results every time, protecting the health of the plant and allowing robust future growth.

The attention to details and professional solutions incorporated on these tools (high-quality professional blades, diecast cylinder, forged crankshaft, piston with 2 compression rings, digital coil) make them ideal for those who are need to work quickly with a totally reliable machine that delivers high quality results constantly through time.

Best-in-class performance, with a special focus on operator comfort.

The sophisticated anti-vibration system, offering complete isolation of the operator’s body, and the ergonomic handles make it possible to exploit the full power of the machine with minimal physical effort.

• 22 cm³ 1 HP (0.75 kW) Emak 2-stroke engine complying with Euro 1 standards, featuring generous torque output with a linear power curve even at low revs.

• Diecast cylinder with chromium plating, forged connecting rod and crankshaft: make for an extremely rugged long-lasting engine.

• Piston with 2 rings: constant efficiency assured over time, even in conditions of prolonged operation.

• Digital coil with speed limiter: allows constant engine control at all operating speeds. Variable ignition advance facilitates starting and, by optimizing combustion, makes for a reduction in fuel consumption and polluting emission levels.

• Aluminium gearbox, drive train with pinion mounted on bearings and connecting rod with roller bearings, low noise operation, reduced vibration, longer life.

• High quality steel blades with end cutting edges to ensure clean and accurate cutting action that safeguards the health of the hedge.

• Adjustable blades that adapt to all types of vegetation, including those with high resin content. Guarantee an optimal cut even when dull.

•“Primer” : fuel mixture is drawn actively into the carburettor to facilitate starting.

• Transparent fuel tank for instant fuel level monitoring.

• Handle rotatable through 180° (90° clockwise and 90° counterclockwise) with 5 intermediate positions for the maximum versatility of use, also making it possible to work immediately up against a wall.

• Sliding switch to prevent inadvertent stopping of the engine.

• Antivibration system composed of springs and rubber mounts: completely isolates the handles from the rest of the tool for the maximum user comfort, even after prolonged use.

• Ergonomic handles guarantee unfailingly secure grip.

• Simple and intuitive controls all within easy reach (on/off switch, throttle trigger and angle adjustment).

• The optimum weight distribution and efficiency of the antivibration system ensure comfort and easy handling in all working conditions.

• The deflector, channels exhaust gases towards the blades, preventing contact with the operator regardless of the working position.

• Double foam + cloth air filter increases filtering efficiency and is simple and quick to clean, ensuring more hours of running time between maintenance stops.

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