Oleo Mac GSH40


  • Description

    Product Description

    The new GSH 40 chainsaws are powerful 38.9 cc chain saws capable of
    developing 2.3 HP / 1.7 kW. Targeted at the entry-level user, they incorporate special technical solutions –
    primer, on/off lever/multi-function choke, aluminium oiler, hybrid antivibration system (3 springs + 2 rubber
    mounts), “EasyOn” – which enhance their quality, cutting performance and compliance with anti-pollution
    legislation, particularly in the GSH 400 (EURO 5) version with catalytic muffler.
    These compact chain saws are designed incorporating the technology used in higher power models: they
    guarantee the best possible performance in conditions of the maximum comfort and safety. Occasional
    minor pruning tasks or cutting small diameter firewood can be carried out using practical and easy-to-use



    Power 2.3 HP – 1.7 kW
    Bar Length 35cm/ 14″
    Oil Pump Automatic
    Oil/Fuel Tank Capacity 0.22 L/0.32 L
    Dry Weight without chain & bar 4.5 kg