Morrison Surecut Mower


  • Description

    Product Description

    With a cutting width of 460mm (18″) the Morrison Surecut is ideal for average sized yards. This mower can catch or mulch to suit conditions. It offers the added convenience of Zone Start which eliminates the need to bend all the way down to pull-start.

    • Cut, Catch & Mulch
    • Powered by Briggs & Stratton 125cc OHV Series 450E Primer 4 stroke engine
    • 460mm (18″) steel chassis
    • Unique twin blade system with a swingback feature to protect the crankshaft from damage if the mower should strike a solid object
    • Front 200mm (8″) and Rear 200mm (8″) adjustable dual bearing wheels
    • Comfortable upturned upper handle
    • Reinforced lower handle for added strength
    • Camlocks for quick release handle fold down
    • HDPE Plastic Catcher
    • Zone start for comfortable starting position