Hansa C3e Electric Chipper


If you own a domestic property with trees, flowers or a vegetable garden, you will find the average small electric shredder on the market of similar size is not efficient for processing all your prunings and trimmings into compost or mulch. They cannot cope with the volume of materials to be processed. They are too slow, block up easily, the inlets are often too small so that the material has to be precut before you feed it into the machine, or they are too lightly built.

One in feed chute with large opening at a convenient operating height

Powered by 2HP single phase electric motor

Capacity of 30mm branch diameter

Push button start with thermal overload

Conforms to ASNZS62841.1-2015 standard

Discharge out the side directly back onto your garden or stockpile or into optional bag (as shown in image above)

Solid housing construction of 5mm steel plate

Easy access to cutting blade – remove four bolts and everything is accessible

Easy to transport, well balanced on large solid rubber wheels

Will handle flax, cabbage tree leaves and palm fronds without wrapping around the rotor shaft

Quality powdercoated finish (media blasted surface for excellent adhesion)12 month warranty (extended warranty to 24 months on registration)

New Zealand made for New Zealand conditions