Avondale’s Masport 8/0 HL900


Heavy duty Dual Mowzone® model with uncompromised power from the 173cc Kohler engine.
  • Cut, Catch & Mulch
  • Powered by Kohler 173cc OHV Series XT775 IC 4 stroke engine
  • Auto Choke engine starts easily whether cold or hot and is ready to use immediately
  • Cast iron sleeve in cylinder
  • 485mm (19″) heavy duty aluminium non rust chassis
  • Masport Quadcut® 4 Blade Disc System for superior catching due to increased airflow
  • Front 200mm (8″) and Rear 200mm (8″) adjustable dual bearing wheels
  • Comfortable upturned upper handle with PVC grip
  • Reinforced lower handle for added strength
  • Camlocks for quick release handle fold down
  • Handle Lift System for easy catcher removal and storage
  • HDPE Plastic Catcher with ‘full’ indicator
  • Steel rear flap
  • Zone start for comfortable starting position
  • Masport Dual Mowzone® for edge to edge cutting
Mulching Capable:  Naturally recycles the grass by recutting it and feeding it back into your lawn.
Handle Lift System:  Step on the foot pedal and lift the handle to quickly access the catcher, it is that easy!
Adjustable Wheel Bearings:Ball bearing wheels make the mower easy to push and with a threaded axle and nut, the wheels are adjustable.
Catcher ‘Full’ Indicator:  Shows when the catcher is full – takes the guess work out of emptying the catcher.
HDPE Plastic Catcher:  High Density Polyethylene Plastic catchers.
Masport Dual Mowzone®:  Blade coverage extends beyond the wheel width on both sides allowing closer cuts to curbs, walls and fences, giving your lawn a tidier finish.
Zone Start:  The conveniently positioned starter cord eliminates the need to bend all the way down to pull-start, reducing the risk of back strain.